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actngo is a Belgian company created by former Advisor and Consultants of Top European Consulting Companies, teaming up to create a more human and impactful support toward the social community.

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Our Mission

To provide strong, tailor-made tools to Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) to perfect the use of their resources is our priority.


Together, we will work to empower your organization by improving your performance and maximizing your impact, while optimizing your involvement.


Our Values

Defining ourselves by…

  • Transparency – Building together 

  • Integrity – Being aware of our performance and values

  • Altruism – Sharing with others

  • Commitment – Giving our best

  • Continuous Improvement – Learning simultaneously

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Meet the team


Maxime Fouache



Chief Executive Officer

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Maxime Marcandella



Chief Entrepreneur


Eric Voyron



Chief Operational Officer


Our Services

Our offer focuses on three main domains. Our solutions are provided after a consensus of experts sharing complementary skills perform an analysis

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Strategical Insights

Sharing our expertise to identify the inputs that will make your next challenge a success

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Operational Excellence

Leading your changes implementation and optimizing your processes

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Project Management 

Deploying tailor-made frameworks to maximize the impact of your initiatives


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Brussels, Belgium

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